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About the designer



Luke Grant-Muller is an English-born Egyptian, Scot and Ukranian artist currently living between London and Tokyo. 

He generally works on projects using various mediums He explains that each medium has different qualities and different rewards, despite there being a great deal of overlap, stating that he finds it fun to approach something in an unusual way. 

“I create for me,” he explains,“If others like it, that’s good but my ego is far too delicate to depend on that. Actually that’s a lie; I crave other people’s approval.” 

Luke Grant-Muller describes his design signature as “slightly dark, slightly surreal, ambiguous, androgynous, sometimes grimey and sometimes polished.”. He mixes it up by experimenting with new materials, using them in new ways or new combinations. He loves to use all sorts of materials but at the same time he enjoys the challenge of restricting himself forcing him to explore new options that he wouldn’t have thought of otherwise.”